Here it comes, another well deserved day at the beach, this time in Punta Cavalluccio, Rocca San Giovanni (Abruzzo). Another day to lay out under the warm summer sun. The perfect day for some canoeing and a swim (well, not me, but I tried my best and basically enjoyed being safety in the water).

Punta Cavalluccio consists of one beach resort along this stretch of stony beach from which wooden platforms extend, until a trabocco is found in all its glory.

The trabocco is an old fishing machine typical of the coast of Abruzzo region, made by wooden poles and nets, it looks like a palafitte from the outside and a cozy restaurant in the inside.

When canoeing with mum we slipped through those eroded poles and looked up to witness lunch being served. I remember the smell of tomato, basil and fish along with the scent of the sea and the sound of those waves crashing into the base of the trabocco. Then the rocks emerging from the sea, the hidden bays, the conversation we had.



Once arrived back at the main beach we all have some fruit (we want to keep it light and easy for the night) and relax.




That afternoon we rush to get things ready for the arrival of my in laws! We expect them to arrive at 7pm by train. So after getting ready for the night out, we pick them up at the station and drive them to Agriturismo Fiorello, a family run and owned farm holiday where, together with the host, we had planned a fabulous abruzzese-style dinner! (With the usual vegetarian twist).

We had some beautiful antipasti with a selection of cheeses (ricotta with honey, pecorino) and veggies (stir fried) and a tipycal cacio e uova (cacio cheese and eggs sautéed), followed by two mind blowing first dishes: fettuccine ai funghi (mushroom fettuccini) and ravioli fatti a mano con ripieno di ricotta e salsa al pomodoro (handmade ravioli with cheese in a tomato sauce)…fabulous! We then ended our meal with a homemade crostata (fruit tart), just delicious!




What a night! That lovely warm night breeze, the lanterns softly lighting up the atmosphere, the sounds from the farm animals in the distance and watching the two families gathered up around the same table just embraced wrapped up my heart into a comforting embrace.

These are my securities: the people that I love and care about, my beloved countryside and those traditional recipies that keep accompanying me along my journey.


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