Historic notes on the panettone:

Il panettone, traditional Christmas cake, is doubtlessly one of the most famous Italian sweet for celebrating the Christmas holidays. Tradition says to present it to friends and family and eat it all together during those long festivity meals. The panettone was born in Lombardia, in Milan, and its basic ingredients are water, flour, butter, egg yolks, with candied fruit and raisins.

We know for sure that in the distant 1200 AC there was a bread enriched with raisins and honey. There are various legends regarding the birth of this cake but this is the most accredited.

A story tells that a cook working for Ludovico Il Moro was once ordered to prepare lunch on Christmas day but he forgot the cake in the oven which got burned. A scullery boy named Toni who worked for the same family noticed the cook was desperate and therefore tried to reassure him offering to prepare a dessert using everything left in the pantry: yeast, flour, eggs, butter and raisins. Everyone at the table loved the dessert whose name appears to derive from the Italian expression “il pan di Toni”, from which it become “panettone”.

This beloved dish spread throughout Italy from North to South. Every year in Milan a king of the panettone is chosen and he is declared the best baker of the year.

Panettone at Coles supermarkets: La Torinese

La Torinese, established in Turin in 1932, was born as an artisan confectionery business specialized in quality goods for bakeries and cafeteries.
In the course of time and with the help of skillful master bakers it refined its production to the making of festive cakes. Since 1978 La Torinese core business has been a high quality production of the typical Italian cakes for winter and the spring holidays. Over the last few years the firm has asserted itself industrially with a long term plan of investment and today its machinery is as modern and functional as exists in the field of panettone and colomba manufacturing.
Production and ingredients:

The production of panettoni requires long hours, from 36 to 40 hours in total. From the rising of the yeast base to the creation of the dough, the slow cooking in the ovens and the settlement. Every panettone in the end will be soft, fragrant, with a beautiful intense yellow color and golden on surface. Flour, yeast, butter, eggs, sugar, raisins, almonds, cedar, pineapple: here the main ingredients of panettone.

To my beloved dad Paolo, we may be far in person but we are surely close with the thought.

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