Christmas Markets: the tradition of Christmas markets is very strong throughout Italy. On market days artisans showcase their crafts: wooden statues, characters from the nativity scene, glass or ceramic objects, candles, toys, fabric dolls, etc. You can also find home decorations like Christmas lights or ribbons. There are also the characteristic stalls that sell typical products from the region as salami, cheese, biscuits, honey, liqueur, wines, etc.

Nativity scene: in many Italian cities and villages the tradition of representing the nativity scene is well established and the citizens use different materials for their display, as wood, terracotta, papier-mâché. Sometimes they even personify the characters of the scene by performing a living nativity scene, similar to a theatre show but with no script and acted on the streets and piazzas.

Folkloristic events: In many places you can find country festivals that celebrates products of the cold season, or the bonfires in the piazzas and major streets:

  • Milan: Fiera degli Oh bej! Oh bej!
  • Roma: Christmas market in Piazza Navona in the Majestic Piazza Navona where the market takes place the Befana is the star of the night.
  • Gubbio (Umbria): the Christmas tree the tallest Christmas tree in the world. A lighted installation built on Mount Ingino, there are over 250 light dots to shape the profile of the tree (650m high). Inside the profile there are over 300 colored lights and on the tip there is a star made of 200 lights.
  • Lecce (Puglia): nativity scene and pupi fair the stalls set in Saint Oronzo Piazza showcase the famous handmade little statues of papier-mâché represented the characters from the Nativity scene.
  • Naples: Christmas market World famous Presepe statues made of terracotta and dressed with fabrics can be found everywhere, for an authentic Italian Christmas experience.

Dedicated to my precious mum and sister. So happy and grateful for another holy-days spent together.

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