Friday 26th of November 2015: the opening ceremony of Christmas in Padua. In the program this year: Christmas lights all around the city, a tall solidarity tree, Santa Claus in Prato della Valle, bows on the monuments, choirs, traditional songs, children’s games and shows, theatre in piazzas, presepe, Christams markets, exhibitions, and many many more.

The beautiful piazza degli Eremitani will be the set for the Santa Claus village hosting a magical and historical carousel and a 350 square meters  ice rink, the children will also have the opportunity to meet Santa Claus in his house and personally hand him their letters. Santa Claus village will surprise the adults as well with its market and food stalls where they can purchase a hot chocolate or a vin brulè and a variety sweets.

A truly unforgettable experience that will enchant and let everyone live their city with a holy soul.

In the main streets and lanes of the city centre everyone will be able to witness the hundreds of stalls showcasing traditional culinary goods and handicrafts.

Christmas trees will be positioned everywhere in the city centre and in the main square of each suburb. They will lighten up the moods and the beautiful streets of this historical town bringing warmth, light and tradition in these holy-days.

Buon Natale a tutti!

Dedicated to Anna and Piero, my beloved in-laws.

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