Back from the Amalfi coast we are ready to relax with my family in Abruzzo and what’s best than having a lunch at my nonni’s? Everyone needs a tranquil day to lay back, recharge and spend some time with the loved ones. After a lazy morning my husband and I stop by at my nonni’s and end up having a family lunch with them. It’s always good to gather around the table, like we used to do many years ago.. So my mum, my sis and her boyfriend join in and it soon becomes a family reunion. We are loud, we move, we laugh and talk on top of each other, we are Italians. We have some spaghetti al pomodoro (spaghetti with tomato sauce), a salad and some grilled eggplant. I’m happy cause it all sounds light and healthy! We finish off with some fruit from the trees in the garden and a good and super short Italian espresso. Mi piace! Grazie to my nonni, they’re always so welcoming and generous. Later we say goodbye to the nonni and go to the beach for an even more relaxing afternoon looking at the waves, taking in the sunlight and chatting. I love summer days at home cause they feel so long and you can actually stay at the beach as long as you wish, it doesn’t get cold and after the sunset the beach resort becomes a restaurant and the Riviera buzzes with new life. The beach in Italy is equipped for you to let you enjoy every part of the day in a different way. This is my favourite part of the day: the sun goes down, the colors slowly change, there is no one left under the beach umbrellas and the people start gathering around the tables at the restaurant. It is the other side of the beach life, it is part of our summer lifestyle and it tells so much about us, Italians.

So we grab a bite (pizza slice) but we prefer to remain on the sand away from the people, so we watch all this happening. And memories keep coming back to me, images of those days as a young girl when a summer day would look…like this.












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