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My dear friends Marco and Alberto, two brothers living and working in Padua and owners of Almar (, interviewed on their lifetime passion as artisans and entrepreneurs in interior design.

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“We love what we do and we dedicate to our job all our time (including our free time).

We started learning about interior design at a very young age, it has been a real school for us. Since we were 12 years old during the school holidays our dad would take us to his factory. Watching the machines for carpentry and drapery, the employers at work and how things were organized we immediately fell in love with the job, we couldn’t believe our eyes. We would wake up very early in the morning, at 5am sometimes, to deliver our products with dad, we would travel all around Italy and stay out of town for 4/5 days at times, it was wonderful.

Our job is highly creative, with the know-how that we possess we can shape our own ideas.

To be good at what we do you certainly need to already have good manual skills while other skills can be learnt through the passing of time. But what really makes a difference is the passion that you put into your job.




When we were young we used to watch our dad at work trying to grab his secrets and learn as much as we could, later on we started to put our knowledge into practice and today we know the carpentry and drapery departments of our factory, we deal with our suppliers, our customers, we entirely know our company and job and we are very proud of it!

I could define our job an art form: from a simple first draft the idea is born, then in the production line it takes its unique shape and acquire an exclusive, personalized touch.

In interior design there are many steps to follow in order to achieve the final stage of a product. Starting from the model on paper we discuss about materials and finishing, then we move to the carpentry section where the main structure is created, finally depending on what we are realizing (kitchen, bedroom or sofa) we move to the drapery section to have the final product. It takes a month minimum for a brand new project. Then for the series production the time depends on what you are producing.

The factory_AlmarItalia

The factory_AlmarItalia

To be a good artisan all you need is manual skills, intelligence, knowing materials and techniques and a lot of passion and love for what you’re doing.

In every single one of our products there is a part of us, the passion that keeps us company in everything we do and the desire to see our customers completely happy with the products represents a great contentment for us. We always aim to turn your home into a natural, beautiful, unique place, and the fact that our customers can appreciate and experiment our creations gives us strength and happiness. Our dad’s teaching says that a master artisan is always a part of a bigger philosophy that includes the Country where you live, and Italy is world-wide recognized to be a synonym of talent, design and unique products.

Many old professions disappeared in our field, for example the chair-mender, the furniture renovators and the sofa-mender. Luckily or unfortunately we are in the era of mass consumption when everyone uses and throws away, sometimes because only a few products are worth to be recycled from an economic point of view: you spend less in buying a new product than in repairing and old one.”



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