My mum tells us about her life in the Abruzzese countryside.
“My name is Naira and I am a high school teacher of physics, I am 57 years old and live in a tiny village named Cavaticchi in Abruzzo.
My love for the countryside comes from the long Sundays spent at my grandparents’ house, they were farmers.
Five years ago I left the noisy town of Pescara and my central house and I moved here with my daughters. Many things changed for me and my lifestyle! The town of Pescara is a 15 minute drive but sometimes it feels like a never ending distance.
I go out in the morning to go to work and the time in my car is a chance to contact my friends and organize my day. I tend to put together all the commitments due in town so that when I return home I can fully enjoy the comforts of my house.
When the winter ends and the days become longer I can go for a walk or do some gardening.
Normally the weekend is dedicated to the care of my plants.
When I first arrived here, this was a simple, uncultivated piece of land, therefore every tree, stone, choice is connected to my personal taste and my needs.
What are the pros of living here? The sight of the horizon, the smell of the land, the silence that embraces you at night and the sweet symphonies of nature that keep you company during the day.
I thought about the idea of feeling lonely: maybe in town I didn’t feel lonely because I was listening to other people’ sounds? The traffic, the ambulance siren or the voices of the passersby, are these a real company?
Living in the country I remain linked to my past, to the memories of those days at my grandparents’ doing simple, real things. Living in the country I gave my daughters the opportunity to get excited playing in the mud, walking barefoot on the grass and petting a cow.
People here still stay faithful to the territory, to the neighbour, to the values of friendship, respect towards others and traditions.
Nowadays we use WhatsApp, we publish pictures on facebook but the statue of the local Saint still exits the Church on the day of its commemoration and moves along the streets of the village followed by the band that plays traditional music and the women praying. The typical dishes of my region still make an appearance on our tables, no matter what day it is. Everyone knows everyone’s business! What a small village life! You can only get used to it! The celebration of Saint Anthony, patron of pets, we either do it all together or don’t do it at all, just like this year when we canceled the festivity day due to the death of a member of its organization.
When it is the time for collective choices and decisions (or local festivals) we pass the hat. Many people attended in person the representation of the Nativity scene in December which was organized by the priest.
I still don’t know all my neighbours but I am certain they already know everything about me, about this lady that came from the city and implanted in their territory and that they consider somehow foreigner!”

My house, early morning light

My house, winter scenario


View from the balcony


Mum, sis and I

Mum, sis and I


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