New Year's Resolutions

After a Christmas spent in my region we traveled to Padua to enjoy the other half of the holiday in the even colder north-eastern lands of Italy. For the last day of 2014 my husband and I stayed at home with his parents.
New Year’s eve went by very quickly, a relaxed chatting morning and a good hands on cooking class for the afternoon made our day. We immersed ourselves in the preparation of lasagna con radicchio and lentil soup with some pan fried veggies as a side. The team: my husband’s parents, his brother Matteo with his girlfriend Roberta, me and my husband.

Cooking class_Lasagna con radicchio

Cooking class_Lasagna con radicchio

Lasagna con radicchio

Around 7 pm we rewarded ourselves with the usual aperitif: spritz, olives and chips. Guess what came next… we played games! I love Christmas and I love to play Christmas games! And dinner time arrived punctual as always and we had a laid back, many courses, so-very-Italian style meal.



Risotto with leek

At midnight we toasted with our “cin cin” and “auguri”, lots of kisses to everyone, a glass of prosecco and a slice of pandoro. Yes, we had them all. (I am so glad now I am back on my Melbournian diet!).
I stopped at the window to watch the fireworks. Then we found Robin Hood on tv… It is always a good time for a cartoon.

The next day the tradition wants my family to listen to the New Year’s Concerto di Vienna (concert of Vienna) and whistle along with the most famous pieces. It is a beautiful way to start your day and the new year. At lunch time I made (almost) everyone write down the propositi (resolutions). This is my ritual: I open my wallet, find my last year’s resolutions, look at them for the first time after 365 days, take stock and draw some conclusions (it is satisfying when you notice how many things you have accomplished and how many seemed important at the beginning of the year). Then I secretly write my new ones, fold the paper and put it in the same spot, for me to keep for a long time. It is like the memory of my past priorities and goals, I still jealously guard my desires that go back many years. My mother in law looked very happy in trying this new resolutions experience together. And my husband was as usual the first to start writing and the last to finish…a very serious task takes time!

2014 has been an extraordinary year for us as a couple and as individuals. This year starts with an even better gear, we feel recharged from our white holiday with our families, ready to make every desire become a project, and every project become everyday life.
“Scrivi la tua favola e vivila ogni giorno” (write your own farytale and live it every single day).


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