For the section “Modern lifestyle” here is Federica’s story. Federica is one of my friends for University, she currently lives close to Treviso (30 kms North of Venice). She talks about her lifestyle as a young woman living in a small Italian town these days.
“Ciao everyone,
My name’s Federica, I am 27 years old and for almost two years I have been living with my boyfriend in a suburb close to Treviso town centre. It is a small suburb where you’ve got everything you need from the supermarket to the pharmacy, the butcher, shops that everyone needs. If I need something I go out and in ten minutes time I come back with what I wanted to purchase. For me this is a great advantage because I don’t waste time travelling by car and looking for a parking spot to reach a pedestrian zone or a traffic limited area. It could be a disadvantage in the sense that if I was living in a bigger city like Rome or Milan I would surely have a extended choice of shops and brands. But if I want to be spoiled by choices all I have to do is take my car, drive for three minutes and get to the town centre of Treviso. It is certainly not a big city but it’s got everything!
As a job, I am an administrative employee for a web marketing company in Treviso. For the past few years I have been shifting from one job to another but at the present time I am stable here, let’s cross fingers and hope to stay here for a long time!
My day starts at 6.45am, I have a relaxing breakfast with my boyfriend and then I leave at 8.45am. A long day in the office awaits me, luckily there are two breaks during the day: a morning break and an afternoon break when I can enjoy my favorite infusion with honey and lemon…delicious! Two days a week I stay in the office for lunch and heat up my meal in the microwave and have lunch with my colleagues, on two other days I go to my parents’ for a real homemade lunch, and on the last day I go out to a restaurant with my colleagues. Luckily, 6pm always comes in the end, either too slowly or too quickly, but the time to go home arrives and the evening is waiting for me! An evening a week I go for a zumba class with my friends (we all need something to keep fit…I do what I can) while on the other nights I commit myself to my small house, I cook dinner for me and my boyfriend and most importantly I relax. When it’s that time of the day my only thought is to lay on my couch and relax, chat about the past day, about tomorrow or free my mind, but the key word is always: relax!
Eventually the weekend starts! And just like everyone else, when it’s Friday afternoon it already feels like living the weekend with all the commitments that we’ve been taking on. It is 6pm on a Friday afternoon and sometimes I wish I could jump on the desk and shout: Evviva!!! The weekend has officially started.
My weekends are not really relaxing, Saturday is for cleaning the house, go out shopping, few appointments and so I get back home, I have a shower and can’t wait to lay on my couch! Usually we go out with friends on a Saturday night but sometimes we feel lazy and prefer to stay at home and invite our friends along for dinner. The weekend is the time to share with the family, enjoy a lunch together and spend some time with them. I absolutely love it in winter when we all gather around the table chatting about us, the previous week, or simply whatever comes first to our minds, and outside the wind blows and it rains while we warm up next to the wood stove.
My passions are cooking and gardening, we have a garden with lots of colorful plants and flowers. I also love candles and lanterns, every day when I come back home from work I light at least 5-6 candles, they can be inside in winter or outside in summer.

In my opinion there are no better moments than the ones spent together with your family of origin, your parents, the loved ones who raised you and now look at you all grown up, independent and living on your own with your own family and a life ahead with the person you love. I am happy with my life, where I am, what I do and the things that surround me. For the time being I look at the present and try to write my future based on the certainties that I have and surrounded by the people I love.
When someone thinks about Italy, excellent food and the numerous beauties of this Country come first to mind. For me what makes Italy unique is the union between food and family. Enjoying the company of my loved ones all around a table eating amazing food is what really makes me feel that I’m in my Country. I love Italy and here I’ve got everything that I need! “

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