This is Andrea from Romagna region talking about a culinary specialty and a small gem, the village of Bertinoro.
“I love “gnocco fritto” (a fried dumpling). It has the same shape of a typical piadina from Emilia-Romagna but the dough is fried. I love enjoying my “gnocco fritto” in a small village on the gentle hills of Romagna.
The most interesting thing about Bertinoro is the old column in the main square. On the column there are iron rings each corresponding to a family living there. In the past when a wanderer would arrive with his horse at the village he would tie the reins into one metal ring and the family corresponding to the ring had to give him hospitality.

The gnocco is prepared by an old lady, Ines, the grandma of the village. She is a lively lady from Romagna, always smiling, loved by everyone, she never waste a chance to have fun with his costumers. Ines welcomes you in a little kiosk next to her house. So, for instance, to use the bathroom you have to go around the house and you will find yourself into her backyard with a tiny garden and that smell of grass and the freshness of the laundry just hung out to dry. This place brings me together with life for its genuine simplicity. And this is the atmosphere that surrounds me when I enjoy my gnocco! The gnocco can come with prosciutto and truffle cream, or fig jam and almonds, fig jam and “squacquerone” (typical cheese from Romagna region), or pecorino cheese, honey, cashewnuts… This is the place that saw my brother and I taking our girls for our first date. I would say that Mrs Ines brings good luck! “


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