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The straw hats of Signa

August 7th, 2015

The straw hats of Signa, history: In signa in 1714 Domenica Michelacci known as Bolognino, began to cultivate “grano marzuolo” a variety of wheat with small ears and tiny grains in order to have straw for weaving. He sowed it densily so that it would grow longer by seeking out the light in shallow furrows... View Article

San Gimignano, a medieval village on the Tuscan hills

January 5th, 2015

My husband has great memories of San Gimignano, a medieval village on the Tuscan hills. He has been here three times, on the second time in the early years 2000 he went with some friends for a long weekend stay. Initially chosen for its convenient location halfway between Siena and the magical Florence, San Gimignano... View Article