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My mother in law, talks about Jesolo, our personal retreat on the Venetian lagoon. Jesolo is a sunny town on the Venetian lagoon renowned seaside resort, famous for its summer attractions.

“Our beach house in Jesolo was furnished by our family, my sons collaborated to decide all the decorations, so we now feel it is something that belongs to us and reflexes us as a family. Jesolo doesn’t benefit from a particular exotic location, but we loved it from the very beginning because it’s a peaceful, pleasant break on weekends. The long walks along the water edge, and the rides in the lagoon recharge and toughen us up. Jesolo sits in the heart of the Venetian lagoon and offers delightful sights. The “barena” (local name for lagoon) is rich in rushes, fishing nets, long bike paths immersed in the nature. Jesolo by night turns into a bursting night life scene with events, clubs, concerts, terraces on the sea where young boys and girls meet and have fun. A huge number of local and international events take place in Jesolo, like the maritime events. Since 2014 Jesolo has been the frame for the finals of “Miss Italia”, the awaited beauty competition where young beautiful Italian girls fighting for the crown.
Jesolo is a seaside resort that has always been dynamic both for the tourism coming from the region and for foreign tourists because of its reputation of being the capital of fun of the north-east coast. From Jesolo a thirty minute journey with a vaporetto (ferry boat) takes you to the islands of Murano (famous for its glass making artisans) and Burano (famous for its bobbin lace). Every year in Jesolo a sand sculpture festival takes place that calls back international artists. These are big thematic sculptures that require around a month and a half to be realised and then show themselves in the piazza. The exhibition stays open to the public from June to July. It is interesting to notice how the Presepe during Christmas is reproduced using the same technique. The presepe attracts numerous tourists during winter that come to visit an original nativity scene.

Sand sculptures

Sand sculptures

Sand sculptures

Sunset at Jesolo

Another festival that takes place in September are the “Carri dell’uva” (floats with grapes): long parades with floats filled with just picked grapes pulled by tractors, with people wearing the traditional costume. Our is the land of prosecco and this event represents a sort of Carnival of grapes.
To be mentioned there is the vintage car parade, where prototypes come from all over the world.
In Jesolo you can visit the Sea Life, with thematic rooms, open all year round.
From 2014 “Bodies revealed” is an exhibition of real human bodies preserved with the polymerization technique, 60 human and animal mummies coming from all over the world, horrific!”

My husband with my mother in law Anna

My mum+mother in law


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