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For the Modern Lifestyle section another story of real life, this time my cousin Daniele tells us about his lifestyle as a teenager living in a small town.
“Hi, my name is Daniele, I am 18 and I am studying for a diploma in surveying. I live in Santa Teresa di Spoltore (2 hours east of Rome in Abruzzo region), a small town close to Pescara. Santa Teresa is a small village in the vicinity of Pescara, it is 15 minutes to the town centre. Santa Teresa is well connected to the main town thanks to the public transport but you can easily ride your bike. The advantage of living outside the main town is that you don’t live in the chaos, traffic and pollution. Living in a small reality means that we all know each other, we are 4/5 thousands inhabitants though the number is constantly increasing. Santa Teresa is quite modern as a place but we do have the tradition of celebrating the patron saint on the last week of August. It is also relatively poor in terms of attractions and recreation places. In Santa Teresa you can find two pizzerias, two gelati shops, a pub and a typical restaurant serving arrosticini (the dish symbol of Abruzzo region: it is basically meat cooked on a spit).
A typical day for me starts at 7am, from 8am to 2pm I am at school, when I get back home I do my homework and then around 6pm I do some sport. I play rugby, although the boys of my age from my town usually play soccer. After my training I return home, I have dinner with my family, I watch tv and then fall asleep at around midnight. And it is basically the same every day during the week.
On the weekend I am free to go out and explore the town centre. Generally young boys walk in the town centre, go to the movies, to play bowling, to the shopping centres, or go for long walks along the promenade. At night they go to cafès, pizzerias, clubs. Pescara, the closest town, does not offer many choices in terms of entertainment. So you end up doing the same things every weekend and this can become quite boring.

countryside around Santa Teresa

My relationship with my family is beautiful, I am at ease, sometimes we argue due to the difference in age or the misunderstandings, but is it all normal and acceptable. Between me and my parents runs a good dialogue, there are no problems because I can always confide in them and give vent to my emotions. My parents are my benchmark. As regards my friends, I am quite popular within my village and the nearby town, so I have a good number of friends and people I know. In addition, thanks to the social networks I am constantly connected with all my friends. Among my friends, my best friends are the guys I hang out with on New Year’s eve, at summer time and during the holidays. It is a mixed group of peers, boys and girls and we go out at night, we all live nearby that’s why we see each other every day.
I am a normal Italian boy in my everyday life, in the balance between school, sport and family but particularly the food and its roles. Food in my family is the synonym of dialogue, meal time is the time where the whole family is reunited and we eat, we talk, we listen and discuss with each other. Pasta is the queen of our meals, and indeed my favorite dish!”

My handsome cousin Daniele

My handsome cousin Daniele



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