Featured Murano Glass
Featured Murano Glass
Leda necklace
The combination of bright and matt pastel glass gives a sense of harmony...   ...More
Flora necklace
An Italian handmade masterpiece and a celebration of millefiori. This is Italian Heart’s...   ...More
Barbara necklace
Rich, elegant, fashionable. This necklace will enrich your décolleté, you really don’t need...   ...More

We carefully hand pick all our Murano Glass jewellery from the Italian suppliers during our frequent trips to Italy

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Best Sellers Jewellery
Best Sellers Jewellery
Why Italian Heart?
Alabastro necklace
The color of the alabaster dominates this collection donating a sense of calm,...   ...More
Venezia necklace
A must have in your jewel case. The perfect murano gift for all...   ...More
Laguna necklace
A rather serious and super elegant Murano glass necklace for framing the most...   ...More
Why Italian Heart?

Italian Heart is the online boutique that brings unique Venetian Murano Glass jewellery to Australia. We are a Melbourne based Australian business made by genuine Italian hearts and we love sharing our passion about the best crafts of our home country. Wear a 100% authentic piece of art that embodies Italian culture and craftsmanship.

Affordable Timeless Jewellery

Italian Fashion is Evergreen

Beautiful Gift Ready Boxes

Certificate of Authenticity Included

Customer Service with Love

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